Caboo Organic (Dark Denim) In Stock Now

Close Caboo (Dark Denim)


Carrier Caboo

Material Stretchy

Fastenings Rings

Positions Front

Age Newborn to 4-8 months

Weight 2.27 to 14.55kg (5-32 lbs).

Close Caboo Instructions


Simple and easy to use, the Caboo Carrier goes on quickly and easily and can adjust to fit all wearers by simply pulling the fabric through the rings. Using the Caboo Carrier your baby will be held high and close to your heart providing natural reassurance and a feeling of security for you both. With the Caboo, your baby is fully supported from the top of their head to the base of their spine and to behind the knees.

In the Caboo, your baby will sit in a frog legged position which is a very natural position for a baby and naturally places less weight and strain on their developing hips. The Caboo is supremely comfortable for parents too, with soft wide straps that spread the weight of your little one evenly over both shoulders and a fixed cross that provides excellent back support and helps reduce the strain on your shoulders.

Caboo is made from Certified 100% Organic cotton and is only dyed using Oeko-tex standard dyes that contain no harsh or harmful chemicals.


  • Caboo carrier has 5 different carrying positions including forward facing
  • Made from 100% organic cotton
  • Easily adjustable to fit all wearers ? simply pull fabric through rings to tighten
  • Soft wide straps distribute baby?s weight evenly across the shoulders and back for extra comfort
  • Baby is held high and close to the heart giving them a feeling of security
  • Secure straps support baby and provide excellent head and neck support
  • Breastfeeding with the Caboo Carrier is easy and discreet whether at home or out and about

What we think

The Close Caboo is a great carrier for use for newborns, but although it is safety tested to 35lb most people find by 8 months they are wanting to move onto a more supportive carrier. It is easier to put on than the stretchy wrap and has soft fabric so lovely on newborn skin, but it lacks some of the womb-like qualities of a stretchy. It is cooler though so great for those that feel the heat.

Hire fees are £10 for one month or £20 for 3 months.